Operational Excellence Overview

Today’s highly competitive business environment and drastically up-and-down global market place, requires a company to be effective, agile, and flexible in execution, responsive to customer wants and needs; have the ability to build and deliver world leading products and services with optimal use of resources and time investment; and to sustain their improving competitive edge. These are the elements of a company’s operational excellence.  A company which achieves operational excellence will stand-out in the market place, in all economic conditions, due to its abilities to deliver the wanted and needed products and services; better, faster, and cheaper than competitor companies.

What is Operational Excellence?

Intuitively, operational excellence simply means “does good works to achieve objectives”. In a more formal view, operational excellence is defined as:

“The state of achievement for the good work one does (use effective processes/practices and efficient in execution) to fulfill the desired objectives (meet scope, schedule and resources requirements) in the delivery of products and services that satisfied customers (internal and external customers), and the ability to continuously improve the work by making it faster, cheaper, better, and more productive”more text

What is the Operational Excellence Framework and Methodology?

Operational excellence framework describes the structure and characteristics from which one can use to determine the desired level of “operational state”, the understanding of current state, the identification of the gaps and the necessary improvements needed for the achievement of the desired objectives. The associated operational excellence methodology includes the necessary implementation guidelines and practices that will enable the achievement of the excellence for one’s works in fulfilling the desired objectives. The implementation of the framework and its associate methodology will enable the achievement of operational excellence by ensuring that:

What is Operational Excellence Networks?

Founded by Duvan Luong, PhD. The “Operational Excellence Networks” is a network/community of enthusiastic, experienced and passionate professionals that have devoted their life long career in the implementation of best practices for the achievement of “excellence” for company operations. The network’s members (and their own network) are ready to participate and to assist the implementation of operational excellence practices. more text

Final Thoughts

We can achieve operational excellence for any of the types of work we do: engineering, planning, accounting, marketing, etc. Operational excellence is the necessary requirement for success. From the company level, to the team and to individual level; operational excellence will enable and drive the achievement of the desired objectives and set the foundation for sustaining success into the future.

Will you be ready when the opportunities arise?  Does your company have the tools to make intelligent decisions and execute well for the product generation and business processes in a timely manner? A focus on operational excellence will prepare and enable you to optimally manage your business and successfully compete and grow in a sustainable way in today's changing global economy – achieving operational excellence at work is the success assurance” for your business.

If you have any questions on how we can help you get to industry leading quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction, or if you want to share yours stories to the operational excellence community, please contact Us at operationalexcellencenetworks@gmail.com.