About the Networks Founder

author pictureDuvan Luong received his PhD in Information and Computing Science from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Duvan had 30 years of practicing operational excellence in various leading companies that span across all spectrum of the software industry; in both of the roles as individual technical contributor and management.

Drawn upon his lifelong experience in organization and business operational improvement, Duvan authored the operational excellence methodology and its associated framework to provide the necessary implementation guidelines and practices that will enable the achievement of the desired objectives at work. Duvan founded the Operational Excellence Networks to assist companies in the effort of fulfilling their business objectives through the achievement of operational excellence.

Duvan has been very successful in the communicating and selling of ideas and practices for operational excellence; improvements in product generation, productivity and quality, customer satisfaction; and the deployment strategies, methodologies, approaches, processes in many established companies in America such as IBM, Sun Microsystems, HP, Synopsys, and Cadence.more text

If you have any questions on how we can help you get to industry leading quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction, or if you want to share yours stories to the operational excellence community, please contact Us at operationalexcellencenetworks@gmail.com.