About Operational Excellence Networks

Founded by Duvan Luong, PhD. The Operational Excellence Networks is a network/community of enthusiastic, experienced and passionate professionals that devoted their life long career in the implementation of best practices for the achievement of “excellence” for company operations. The network’s members (and their own network) are ready to participate and to assist the implementation of operational excellence practices. more text

Operational Excellence Networks Competencies and Offerings

With its proven and unique competencies and experiences, the Operational Excellence Networks is very confident in its ability to deliver results that will enable your company success.

If you have the needs or would like to explore how to capitalize on “operational excellence”, the “Operational Excellence Networks” can partner with your company to architect and integrate “operational excellence” principles into the company culture and business processes. Our past solutions led to sustainable changes that transforms organizational culture and delivers meaningful competitive and operational advantages.more text

Operational Excellence Networks Partnership

We will partner together with you to perform the critical tasks that enable the achievement of operational excellence in your company/organization:

Operational Excellence Networks Commitments

Operational Excellence Networks Beliefs

Why partner with the Operational Excellence Networks?

There are compelling reasons to partner with the “Networks” to achieve your operational excellence goals:

If you have any questions on how we can help you get to industry leading quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction, or if you want to share yours stories to the operational excellence community, please contact Us at operationalexcellencenetworks@gmail.com.